The Story Behind My Blog's Title

The Story Behind My Blog's Title
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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Deborah Kinnard Visits!

I love Christmas! So I'm really excited to have Deborah Kinnard visit today to tell us about herself and about her new Christmas release, Aloha, My Love.

Tell us a little about yourself?

Short-round soccer mom who spends way too much time writing novels and doing jewelry, and not enough time on housework. Housework is boring. Dust is a wood preservative. There—I’ve said it!

OMGoodness, you sound just like me!
What's your favorite thing about Christmas?

Hanging with family and friends, with enough time to really talk and catch up. Everything else is just icing.

Any great recipes to share?

A quick, easy one that everyone seems to like: drain and chop fine a small jar of marinated artichokes. Throw ‘em in a casserole. Add a dollop of mayonnaise (about ¼ to ½ c.) and plenty of Parmesan cheese. Add a dash of Louisiana hot sauce. Stir it up really well. Nuke in the microwave about 3 minutes or until bubbly. Serve in a bread bowl with chunks of bread for dipping, or with table water crackers. (I love artichokes).

Me too! Especially artichoke dip. I'm making this.
I recently learned that you make jewelry. How long have you done this and what's your favorite type of bead, style, etc... Do you ever make stuff to go along with your books?

I’m a newcomer to this. I like using mixed beads and silver or gold-tone spacers. Svarovski crystals are great, and fun to add to other beads. I like to do “random” necklaces that don’t have any particular pattern save for harmonizing colors. Lately ’ve started hunting down beads that look vaguely Celtic or medieval, to go with some of the books I’m working on now.

Your new book, Aloha, My Love, is a Christmas story with an unusual setting. Tell us a little about this book and what inspired you to write it?

Some years ago, my husband took us to Hawaii for our tenth anniversary. I fell in love with the Big Island and knew I would eventually set a story there. We did a lot of skin diving and roaming around on our own—it was idyllic. So when I wanted to tell a “second chances” story in a setting that wasn’t Illinois, it came naturally.

Do you have a favorite scene? Care to share an excerpt?

My favorite scenes are when Adam and Delaine are diving. Here’s a snippet:

Adam glanced seaward. "Tide's coming in. Those waves are getting bigger."
"I'd like to watch it come in." Her voice sounded wistful. They swam easily toward the shore. "I've never seen a tide before."
His heart softened further. "Then that's what we'll do."
"Suppose you can swim a few minutes first?"
"Sure. It's easy in salt water." To demonstrate he turned over onto his back, blowing excess water up into the air like a whale's spout. Delaine laughed. She splashed him, and he coughed. "Get you for that, Bishop!"
He couldn't resist a lunge, diving down to come up underneath. He grabbed a slender ankle and tugged to dunk that sassy face. He surfaced laughing, she did the same with another splash. The battle continued until he accidentally got her with a handful of water just as she was inhaling.
"Sorry," he said as she coughed. "Bad timing." He put his arm around her waist in case she couldn't touch the rocky bottom.
He wasn't quite sure what mischievous impulse overtook him. Still grasping her waist, Adam lay back in the water. He drew Del close, then spun her around like a pair of dolphins. Laughter bubbled up in both of them at once. She threw back her head to give it rein. Oh, she was lovely like this, with drops of seawater on her lashes and the sun in her face. Far too beautiful to resist one moment longer. Too lovely not to kiss. He let his lips seek hers, but she avoided the contact.
Like lightning, she disentangled their arms and legs. Her withdrawal hurt, for she'd felt sweet and precious against his chest. Hoping he misinterpreted her action, he let her have a few seconds' space then grabbed for her again. They rotated through the water, first one then the other, tugging and changing direction. Lithe young bodies bent and curved in the freedom of the buoyant waves. Delight shone in her gray eyes, and he felt the joy in her down to his own soul. Their play was all beauty; the happiness on her face matched that in his heart.

Where can readers buy your book and where can they learn more about you?

ALOHA, MY LOVE is available at the Desert Breeze web site (, and will be coming out for the Kindle. Fictionwise also carries DBP titles, and usually has them a few days after they release.

Deb is giving away a holiday-themed beaded necklace. Leave a comment with your email to enter!
Thanks Deborah!

If you're thinking about gift ideas for distant friends and relatives, why give a card when you can give a book! Kindle now has a gift-giving feature for e-books. All you need is an email address.


  1. Shawna, thank you for hosting me!

  2. Sounds like a good book - set in a warm and lovely locale! Hope to visit there some day.

    And you know how much I love jewelry, Shawna, so please enter me in the contest!

    Blessings -

    andrealschultz at gmail dot com

    Ponderings by Andrea blog

  3. You've got me hooked! Lots of ideas came to mind with just that little portion.

    I take it you are in Louisiana, as you talk of Louisiana hot sauce. I'm in MN. Where would I be likely to find it?
    desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

  4. I love Christmas stories and I am a jewelry diva!! Please enter me in the contest!


  5. Great excerpt and wonderful interview! I enjoyed learning more about you, Deb. I used to be a soccer mom. This book sounds awesome. I really liked your DBP book I read and terrible on titles - it was the one about the minister also being a sci fiction author. Angel with a Backhoe - I think was the title. Loved the female character in it too - she was his editor.

  6. Hi guys, Thanks for stopping in.
    Diane, two other wonderful books by Deb are Damages and Seasons in the Mist. Seasons in the Mist was so good that one of our goats, Precious, tried to steal it away from my daughter while she was reading it. Now there's a permanent goat's teeth impression on the cover.

  7. The interview is GREAT. Luv the artichoke recipe.

  8. The artichoke recipe is one I'm going to try only I'll have to substitute some Southwest salsa in place of the LA hotsauce. Have a great Holiday Season.JFWisherd(at)aol(dot)com

  9. Your book sounds wonderful...I'd enjoy reading it. Happy Holidays.

  10. I loved the excerpt you left today! (The dip sounded good too. :))

  11. I'm not in Louisiana -- never been to that fair state. I'm in Chicago; in some neighborhoods I've seen Chicagoans put hot sauce on a nice navel orange! Eww! I just about went ballistic on that one.

    A few drops of any hot sauce is enough. Tabasco, hot pepper sauce, anything to just give it a tiny hint of zing. I can't honestly say I'd add salsa to this recipe -- it might overwhelm the other flavors.

    Thanks for liking my books, gang! I'm touched & thrilled.

  12. I really enjoyed Orphaned Hearts. I featured your books today over at An Arkies Musing.

    An Arkies Musings


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