The Story Behind My Blog's Title

The Story Behind My Blog's Title
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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

A Christmas Gift, Diane Craver

Today I have the pleasure of hosting Diane Craver. Diane is a multipublished author of contemporary romance, inspirational romance and historical fiction. She's visited here before, but today's visit is significant because the book Diane is promoting holds a special place in her heart. Hope you guys are getting in the mood for Christmas!

The Christmas Angel

I’d like to thank Shawna for having me here so I can talk about my new release, A Christmas Gift. Before I share why I included an angel in my story, I want to tell you a little bit about the characters in A Christmas Gift. I’m dating myself here but I was a small girl in 1957. My upcoming release contains my childhood experiences with fiction thrown into the story line. However, the prologue and epilogue are in present time. When I mentioned to our daughter, Emily, that it was hard for me to believe that my new book was considered historical fiction, she laughed and said, "Mom, it wouldn’t be contemporary." Including some childhood experiences lends an authentic feel to the whole story and love seeps through the characters. The father, Justin Reeves, is a man who has it all: a good job, a loving wife and children who are the center of his universe. Justin also has a secret he’d hidden from everyone his entire life. One night Debby stumbles upon his secret and is shocked by what she finds. She confronts her father with the awful truth. What happens next is heartwarming and proves that obstacles can be overcome at any age.

One of my favorite chapters in the book is titled, “The Christmas Angel.” I enjoyed writing about a special angel. I originally hadn’t planned on having an angel to save Debby in the snowstorm, but suddenly God gave me the idea that an angel would be perfect for this chapter. It seemed appropriate to me that a small girl feeling unwanted would need a perky and funny angel. Including an angel in my story was important to me because I believe that God sends angels to save us from many dangerous situations. They regard our safety, undertake our defense, direct our ways, and protect us so that no evil might hurt us. As the Bible says, “He will give his angels charge of you, to guard you in all your ways.” (Psalm 91:11)

When God appoints angels to special tasks, they may take on physical bodies. God has given angels higher knowledge, power and mobility than us. Have you ever seen or met any of these superior beings called angels? They are God’s messengers whose chief business is to carry out His orders in the world. Please feel free to comment on any experiences you might have had with angels. I hope you enjoy reading my excerpt about Debby’s Christmas angel.

EXCERPT: I stirred in my sleep, feeling a comforting presence nearby. Opening my eyes, I saw a radiant figure floating directly above me.

With a mischievous grin, the female apparition asked, "Do you always sleep in a box on a very cold and snowy night?" Her voice was light and beautiful.

I shook my head. "Are you an angel?"

"Yes, your daddy prayed to God to send an angel to guard you from all danger." The angel moved closer to me. "Your family loves you very much."

"Grandma Fogle said that I was a mistake, plain and simple."

"You are not a mistake. God never makes mistakes...well, maybe Grandma Fogle was a blunder." The angel placed a finger on her chin. "Although she’s just a little plain and simple."

I giggled. "You’re funny."

"God sent me because you’re such a sweet girl to everyone in your life, and he thought a funny angel would be perfect."

I smiled. "I’m glad He sent you. Are you going to take me and fly through the sky?"

She gave me an amused look. "I hadn’t thought of that. How about if someone special rescues you?"


"James. He’s been blaming himself for his sister Elizabeth’s death. It wasn’t his fault. God wants James to be the one to find you."

"I’m glad James will take me home. He’s my friend. Did you know Jesus sent James to help my daddy?"

The angel nodded. "Your prayer started everything. Being a part of your family has helped James so much. After he takes you home, I want you to give him this." She opened my hand and put a small toy in the palm.

I glanced at a cowboy and horse. "I like it."

"Tell James that Elizabeth didn't die because of anything that he did. She’s happy in heaven and wants him to know that he was the best brother."

"Okay, I will."

The lovely angel smiled. "I have to go now, Debby. In a few minutes, James will find you."

"When my sister, Kathy, was in the hospital with polio, she told my parents an angel visited her. Were you her angel too?"

"No, it was another angel who comforted her." She made a slight movement. "I have to go now so that James can come."

Quickly, I said, "If I run away again, will you come back to see me?"

She smiled. "Nice try, but that’s not how it works."

"Wait," I put my hand on her arm. "Just to make sure I get home okay, could you tuck me in tonight when I go to bed?"

She laughed. "I heard you don’t give up when you want something. Yes, little Debby, I’ll tuck you in."

A Christmas Gift is available in both paperback and electronic formats. The publisher is Whimsical Publications.

By the way, I have a Christmas contest on my blog. If you leave a comment on this post, your name is entered. The next drawing is November 30th. I’ll be giving away a signed copy of one of my Christmas releases (A Christmas Gift or A Christmas Collection Anthology) to the winner, a $10 GC, and a beautiful angel ornament. More details are on my blog:

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  1. Good Morning, Shawna!
    Thank you so much for hosting me here today.

  2. Please enter me in the contest.

  3. Beautiful! Can't wait to read this. Been in an angel's shadow several times lately.

  4. Christmas stories are always so wonderful! Would love to be enter in the contest!

  5. Ann Lee, Linda, and Charlie,

    Thank you so much for your comments and for taking the time to stop by. Your names are all entered for the drawing!

    Glad you've been blessed with an angel watching over you.

  6. Oh, that was told with such child-like sweetness and innocence. This may be your best book yet, Diane! :)


  7. Hi Miss Mae,
    I loved writing it. Thanks so much! I'm thinking of writing another one in this genre. My mother's sister had a touching story.

  8. Great kick-off to Christmas -- what a beautiful post!! You might want to consider attaching an advisory about needing a box of tissues! Loved it, good luck, Diane. Lovely blog, Shawna, as always. Thank you both.

  9. Hi Diane! I'm off to a late start as usual. Welcome, everyone and thanks for stopping in!

  10. Diane, this sounds like a wonderful story. I wish you many sales, my friend.

  11. Diane, I loved this excerpt. I love this little girl. I once wrote a short story with a child like this one, and an editor said "The child wouldn't have thought like that. The thoughts sound too mature." Well, what did he know? I was writing a semi-nonfiction story! I love the cover of this book also. It pulled the reader into the child's story. I'll add this book to my buy-list. I wish you success. Linda S.

  12. Sounds like a great book - love the excerpt! And love the contest; please enter me.

    Blessings -

    andrealschultz at gmail dot com

    Please come visit my blog, Ponderings by Andrea - - for book reviews and giveaways. Thanks!

  13. Diane: A few days after my mom passed away my sister and I were in the mall shopping for "funeral" wear when a saleslady walked up to my sister ( mind you my sister and I both were from out of town and did NOT know this woman), put her arms around her and told her that God was the ONE who could heal her pain from her mother's death! The lady never even acknowledged me :) I knew why. My sister wasn't a Christian and I was. No other words were spoken between the 3 of us. NONE! How cool is that?!? My sister even said as we walked away...Do you think she was an angel? My sister received Christ just a few short months after that :)

    I would love to read your book.


  14. Gina: Thank you! Always love your comments! I appreciate you taking the time to visit when you have so much else to do.

    Shawna: You've been busy today with posting my blog post and it looks great - thank you - and you are guest blogger yourself at 3 today! I don't know how you do it.

    Anne: You're such a good friend, too, and I appreciate your support. Many thanks!!

    Linda: It's great to see you here. I'm sorry the editor couldn't believe a child could be perceptive in your story. Maybe you can get it published elsewhere. I love my book cover too and feel like it fits my story so well.

    Andrea: Glad you are interested in reading A Christmas Gift! I'll try to visit your blog soon. Thanks for stopping by.

    Anne Payne: I got chills when I read about the saleslady putting her arms around your sister. I'm so glad an angel came to her and she accepted Christ a few months later. What a blessing. Thanks for sharing this here. Very cool.

  15. What a beautiful excerpt - can't wait to read the full story! Thanks for sharing the background. Please enter me in your contest!


  16. Hi Jan Marie,
    I'm glad you enjoyed the excerpt. Thank you for stopping by!

  17. Everyone,
    I forgot to mention that there is an angel on my book cover. It's subtle and is at the top on the left side. Pretty neat!

    All of your names have been entered for my drawing on Nov. 30th. Thanks for visiting here and my other blog stops.

  18. Diane, I love the idea of the angel. I firmly believe we have guardian angels watching over us and guiding us. I enjoyed the excerpt. Your writing is very crisp.


  19. DIANE--what a precious story about an angel. I don't suppose any angels have visited me. I don't see ghosts either, so maybe something's wrong with me. Do I believe in angels? Yes, but I never knew why or how, but with this story, maybe they've been around when I needed them, and I failed to recognize them.
    I hear voices though--no, I'm not crazy, but I sometime I audibly hear my mother call my name. (She's 94 in the nursing home and doesn't really know anything.)But this has happened most of my adult life. Out of nowhere, I hear her say, "Celie Ann," in the rich voice she had, she's calling me, but I never know why.--I did not misspell my name--everyone called me "Celie" and added the "Ann"--a southern thing. My husband often still calls me that.
    Funny, I've never heard my daddy call me.Celia

  20. this sounds like a wonderful book...can't wait to read it :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  21. Please enter me in the drawing. I'm intrigued and would love to read the book.


  22. Hi Diane,
    I loved the excerpt you provided about the little girl and the Angel. It is such a blessing to have a Christian Author that writes romance. I can't wait to see more of your works.
    Happy Holidays,
    Candace Mewborn

  23. Hi Diane,
    Lovely, touching excerpt.



  24. What a lovely surprise this morning to see additional comments. I was helping our daughter move yesterday from her condo to her apartment. Finally, her condo is almost empty.

    Steph: Thank you. Glad you liked the excerpt!

    Celia: That's interesting you hear your mother calling your name. This isn't the same thing but want to share a mother-child happening. When my sweet mother passed from this earth, each one of us (4 siblings)woke up around the time she left this earth at 4 a.m. I really believe she came to each of us to say good-bye before she went to heaven. By the way, I bet you have been touched by an angel in some way.

    Karen: Thank you so much!

    Jo: I'm glad you enjoyed the excerpt.

    Candace: I have another inspirational romance, No Greater Loss. Thanks for stopping by.

    Margaret: Thank you so much.

  25. I loved both your blog and your excerpt. Thanks for sharing. Yes I believe in angels, and only a couple of days ago, blogged about Earth Angels. Such as the woman you and your sister encountered while out sopping.
    I'd love to be entered for your book, please.

  26. It sounds like a very good book. i certainly believe in angels! martha(at)lclink(dot)com

  27. This looks like such a good book and I collect angels! They are my thing. Can't wait to read the book.


  28. Shawna, I always love stopping by. Can we ever have enough books? lol For me, each story seems to add to the journey I am on.
    Diane, your book sounds wonderful!! A great gift to the heart.
    Blessings to you both,
    Robin Prater

  29. I'm late in doing the drawing for the package giveaway and just now saw additional comments.

    Sherry, Martha A, Val, and Robin,
    Thanks for your comments. And I'm adding your names now.

  30. Congrats to Robin - my daughter Amanda just drew your name! If anyone would like a postcard (5 x 7)with A Christmas Gift's cover and blurb, please email me your snail address at

    Thanks again for all the comments!


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