The Story Behind My Blog's Title

The Story Behind My Blog's Title
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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Classic Romance Revival Review of No Other

Williams tells a heartfelt story filled with yearning, young love, and the power of faith with No Other. Set in 1949, 20 year old Jakob Wilheimer is putting his life together after World War II, but when he meets Meri Parker, he realizes God has closed one chapter of his life only to open another. When the novel opens, the reader learns that Jakob's family were in an internment camp because they were German. His parents are out now and his older brother, Joe, has returned from war, a hero. Jakob goes back to school to earn his high school diploma and meets Meri Parker, his English teacher. Meri is only 22, barely older than Jakob. She's writing a play for the drama department and Jakob agrees to make the sets. The couple nurture a simmering attraction. Jakob lets go of the festering resentment he has for his parents being sent away and embraces the warm feelings of love he has Meri. Meri finds herself between two worlds, the cold, appearance-to-keep world of her parents and Jakob's warm family filled world which has a strong Christian faith. For Meri to embrace Jakob's love, she'll have to make a decision about the type of world she wants to live in.

Williams's writing flows well. She uses a good economy of words to paint a vivid picture of Meri and Jakob's world without slowing down the reader's pace. Both Meri and Jakob are flawed, but very human characters. Meri wants something more substantial than the love her parents offer – she wants a pure, good, true love, one that is patient, kind, and never boastful, but does she have the strength to claim it? Jakob is strong, physically and in spirit, but he needs to learn patience. It's a value he struggles with, especially when he embraces the love he has for Meri. No Other is sweet for CRR reader as Meri and Jakob share several kisses and tender caresses. Overall, the novel is a solid character romance that will resonate with the reader.

She gave it five wings!


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