The Story Behind My Blog's Title

The Story Behind My Blog's Title
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Monday, August 24, 2009

Book Review: Danger at the Door by Michelle Sutton

Laney Cooper’s life is controlled by grief and fear. And it’s not without reason. She’s lost everyone she ever loved. As a result, Laney clings to the safety of her home, refusing to set foot outside. The thought of riding in an automobile sends her into shear panic, and the idea of entering into a relationship seems even more hazardous. What if tragedy were to strike again?

Bojan, the heavily accented, charming restaurateur, won’t be deterred. He senses in his heart that God has brought Laney into his life; and ever so gently, through kindness and prayer, Bojan helps Laney to conquer her fears one at a time.

But terror is lurking that neither Bojan nor Laney knows exist. Laney must rise above her fears, and Bojan must trust that God will give her the strength to do so.

Danger at the Door by Michelle Sutton is a suspenseful romance with all the elements thereof; a heroine in need, a mysterious hero, and a wacked out bad guy. There’s even a bonus doggie romance I’m compelled to mention since I am a Chihuahua owner.

What I liked best about the book was the message of conquering fear through Christ. Michelle weaved this throughout the story using scripture and prayer. Bojan was unique as a hero because his strength came from his relationship with Christ. Because of this, his character showed compassion toward Laney’s overwhelming fear, and his response was always prayer first — except for once, when she was really freaking out and he had to kiss her so she’d calm down. And that’s all I’m going to say about that. If you want to know more you’ll have to read the book.


  1. Wonderful review! Thanks, Shawna. Hope you like It's Not About Him, too! :)


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