The Story Behind My Blog's Title

The Story Behind My Blog's Title
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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Anne Patrick Talks About Her New Books

I'd like to introduce Anne Patrick. She last blogged here about her journey to publication. At the time she had several books out, but since then she's released at least one other, and has several more upcoming. Anne's going to give us a run-down of what's around the corner.

Hi everyone! In case you don’t remember me, I’m Anne Patrick, author of ‘Sweet’ Edge of Your Seat Romantic Suspense. Since my last visit to Shawna’s blog I’ve gained the privilege of calling myself a best-selling novelist after Journey to Redemption became a bestseller. I want to thank everyone who made that possible! I also want to thank Shawna for having me here today to talk about my new and upcoming releases. She is such a dear! I look forward to having her on my blog come May, when her book comes out.

How many of you out there have ever dreamed of being a princess? You know, living the life of luxury…castles…tiaras…limos…private jets? Well according to Princess Tara, the heroine in my latest release, Dark Alliance, being an heir to the throne isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. Especially when you have a paid assassin trying to kill you! Here is a blurb about it.
Babysitting a beautiful princess sounds like an easy job for former CIA agent Alex Girard, but when it becomes clear that the assassin trying to kill Tara is the same man responsible for killing his father he knows keeping her alive may be the toughest assignment of his life. Just as disturbing is the growing attraction he has for the future queen. Determined to find the answers that will save the monarchy and finally bring the murderer to justice, Alex and Tara team up with friends on an international quest that will change all their lives. Dark Alliance is available now in print and ebook and can be purchased here:
You can read the character interview I did with Tara here:
Another of my new releases is Lethal Dreams. Here is a blurb about it.

Dr. Erin Jacobs is making a name for herself in the sports world. Drawing on her own life experiences, she encourages and inspires athletes to recover from career ending injuries. So why would someone want to hurt the good doctor? Detective Logan Sinclair is determined to find that answer. He’s been mesmerized by Erin from the moment she found him and his partner shot in an alleyway. Since that night their lives have never been the same. Will Logan be able to solve the puzzle of who wants Erin out of the way before it’s too late? And if so what impact will those answers have on their lives? You can purchase it after Feb 1st here:
And if you don’t like suspense, then I encourage you to check out my inspirational romance Reservations for Two by my alter ego, Kinzie Monroe. Here’s a blurb about it.
Widower’s Maggie O’Brien and Carson Jennings are both on a journey to rediscover who they are. Maggie, an adventurous former pastor’s wife of thirty-nine years, hopes to find closure in the place she and her husband spent their honeymoon. Carson, a retired judge, is living his lifelong dream of traveling across the U.S. in his RV. When their paths cross in the tranquil setting of Mason Springs, New Mexico, love is the last thing that either of them expects to find. Reservations for Two is being released in February also and can be purchased here:

I invite you to visit my blog: for excerpts, author interviews and news of other upcoming releases. And be sure to sign up for my mailing list for chances to win free copies of my books. You can learn more about Kinzie and the inspiration behind Reservations for Two by clicking on My Alter Ego link in the sidebar.
Thank you again, Shawna, for allowing me to come and talk about my books. I’ve been so blest by the friendships I’ve made at Desert Breeze and I look forward to reading your first novel No Other.

Thank you, Anne!

Please feel free to leave a comment or question for Anne.


  1. Nice post! Sweet, edge of your seat suspense. . . these sound like great reads!

  2. Thanks, KM! And thank you again, Shawna for having me on your blog.

  3. You're welcome Anne! Your interview feeds into fb too.

  4. Your new releases sound wonderful, Anne. Can't wait to read them.

  5. Congratulations on your new releases Anne!

  6. You are amazing with all your releases plus holding down a full-time job. All your books sound great and I hope to read them soon.

    Hope you have tons of book sales!


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