The Story Behind My Blog's Title

The Story Behind My Blog's Title
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Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hiatus Over

Well, after taking a four week hiatus, I've decided it's time to post again. I'd hoped that the break would give me a chance to fill my mind with inspiring, insightful ideas that I could share with you all in the hopes that we may better ourselves (holding back a snicker). Unfortunately, it seems that my quest has been fruitless, and for that, I must blame American Idol.

This year I've gone from being an AI viewer, to being an all out Fangirl. Am I embarassed by that? Yes. Does it keep me from telling everyone? No.

I guess it's that hometown thing. You see, Kris Allen is from Arkansas, and I live in Arkansas. I figure that since everyone in Arkansas is supposedly "related", he must be a distant cousin or something.(That's a joke, btw)You've got to admit, Arkansas is widely misunderstood. But, seriously, there is a strong feeling of kinship in the state and we look after our own. GO KRIS ALLEN!

Apart from team spirit, the kid is amazingly talented. It also doesn't hurt that he's super kee-yewt! (I wrote that just to embarass my daughter)And, as a writer friend of mine pointed out, he has the same mannerisms as my favorite character in my current WIP (work in progress). How can I not vote for him!

Oh! During my hiatus I did manage to get two short stories accepted for publication. So, I guess I did accomplish more than just waisting cell phone minutes on voting.


  1. REMOVE THE CUTE THING!!!! Why did you put that?! At least you posted. NOW REMOVE IT!!! BEFORE SOMEONE SEES IT!!!!

    How come you didn't post your Kris pics?

  2. We'd love some Kris pics!
    I will be voting for Kris! I was for Danny, but Kris was my strong second.
    I am a rocker, but I like my rockers a little more "macho" than Adam. He doesn't satisfy me in the least. Feels kinda drag queen, if you want to know the truth.
    So now that I have revealed that I am an AI fan too, I'll just say, "Go Kris"

    Hope all came together after the tragedy! Missed ya!

    BTW - two short stories published? Whoo hoo! I have to read them. I am going to submit to a Fantasy, Short Story Contest in the next 7-10 days. Wish me luck.

  3. Sorry, Lexi but I'm with your mom :). Cute. Oh, yeah.

    I was torn between Kris and Danny, but Kris has put on a few performances that have swayed me to his side, so I was glad he made the top two. Would have been way gladder if it had been him and Danny, and Adam would have chucked it.

    The Arkansas thing has me a little, too, cos of Shawna :). And the fact that Kris is SO Jacob it's not even funny!

    And, gzusfreek, I agree, I like the rocker thing, but not so...flamboyant. And screamy. Hate screamy.

  4. I've always liked Kris. When I first saw him and they said he was from Arkansas, I thought, "cool," but after watching several underwhelming performances before him I wasn't expecting much. Then, when they said he was going to sing Man in the Mirror. I thought, "Michael Jackson? Kiss of death. No one sings him and survives." But, when Kris started singing, I was like, "Hey, this kid's got a voice. I'm diggin' it." I still didn't think he'd make it into the top 13 cuz of lack of air time.

    Here's something interesting. Apparently his group 2 performance was his first time to sing without his guitar.

    Every week during the competition I've been really impressed with him. I think the judges don't know what to make of him though. He was incredible at the live performance in Conway. His guitar is like an extention of him. It is to him what Adam's range is to Adam. Kris's downloads are great too. I'll post pics of his homecoming in Conway this evening or tomorrow.

    As for Adam, I kind of liked some of his early performances where he seemed a little more masculine, but I think the judges have done him a disservice (as far as the competition goes) by praising him all the time. He hasn't had to keep himself in check like the other contestants, and I think what we're seeing (drag queen) is what we will get, except an even more flamboyant version.

    There's no denying his talent. It would be more impressive though if he used his range to compliment a song instead of bomblasting every note until our ears bleed.


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