The Story Behind My Blog's Title

The Story Behind My Blog's Title
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Sunday, March 8, 2009

Book Review: The Great Eight by Scott Hamilton

Now that I've grown bored with Facebook, I finally managed to write that review I promised a week ago. Good book! Here it is:

What I remember best about Scott Hamilton was every time he finished a performance he left the ice with such a huge smile covering his face, I couldn’t help but grin back at the television screen. It’s fitting that he’s written a book about achieving happiness.

The Great Eight covers eight principles to overcoming adversity. Scott Hamilton parallels this strategy with his own experiences on and off the ice. These experiences include his journey into professional skating, his struggle with disease, dealing with loss, relationships, and finding faith. The book is inspiring, insightful, and best of all, humorous. (The chapter on humor was my favorite).

The style of the book is a bit of a contradiction in that it covers Scott’s strategy using the bullet point method, yet rambles on a bit as Scott applies his personal experiences to each topic. It’s an enjoyable read though, and since I’m a yakker who enjoys exploring word tangents, I found this to be a fun approach to a serious subject.

I have to say, reading this really made me wish I could meet Scott Hamilton. I appreciate his candidness in sharing some very personal experiences, and I’m also touched by his expression of Faith. I guess there’s something to this book because I finished it with a smile on my face. That man is contagious!

I highly recommend, The Great Eight.



  1. And you aptly illustrated you affinity for tangents with that last mouse comment :).

  2. Great review, Shawna! Sounds like a good book!
    Hope you are well


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